Falafel Village is legitimate Mediterranean food and is absolutely bursting with flavor. I have tried a multitude of their offerings and all of them were quite delicious; I like their Gyro Plate the best. (mmm… I’m starting to get hungry) For the plate you also get a salad and Lentil soup which is quite yummy I might add. Those morsels of meat are just bursting with flavor. It reminds me of the foods that I liked when I visited Saudi Arabia when I was a kid. The hummus and yogurt sauce that is included is just as addicting.

Their Shawarma are awesome as well, with generous amount of (proper) fries. The Lamb Kabob plate is also equally yummy as the Gyro’s. There are a lot of Mediterranean restaurants in the Dublin area, with new one popping up. I am confident to say that Falafel Village is one of the top aces here in Dublin when it comes to Mediterranean. Link to the review.